A chance to give back

A chance to give back

After moving to Redlands several years ago, I initially struggled with anxiety bought on from social isolation (working from home for sooooo long) and upheaval in my life. My GP’s advice…higher intensity exercise and calming the mind!  

Clara from the amazing Thornlands based Rizzults Fitness helped immensely with the exercise but I was also fortunate enough to find the Redlands Centre for Women (RCW).

RWC’s weekly meditation program gave me a chance to totally relax for an hour and their other programs gave me the skills to cope with stress. But what I got most out of the centre was a connection to other women in the area.

Speaking to other women at events, most had a similar story. They turned to RCW as they were in a real need for a meaningful connection to others. Not just a superficial friendship, but where they can be themselves and have support when they are feeling down.

Over the last few months, I have been working with the RCW on their new branding. Donating my time and expertise to this amazing organisation was a no-brainer after all the help they have given me over the years.

Redlands Centre for Women

The committee wanted a new look to give the centre a boost after finally securing a new permanent location - The Station Master Cottage in Cleveland. (After losing their premises a while ago, the centre has been working out of different locations to keep their programs going).

Redlands Centre for Women Opening Ceremony

What is the idea behind the new logo? 

    The word that always came to mind with my interactions with RCW was 'uplifiting'.

    I meet and speak to a lot of women in the Redlands and many have turned to the RCW when they are feeling particularly lost and in need of support. Speed forward in time and after they have become involved with the Centre, I then notice that these women are smiling and holding themselves up with confidence, this is what I wanted to portray in the logo and by-line – ‘Uplifting women with knowledge, support and friendship’ (the by-line).

      The wings are not meant to represent any particular flying animal but merely the movement of lifting up and freedom.

        Redlands Centre for Women cutting the ribbon
        © Photo courtesy of the Redlands City Council

        Redlands Centre for Women Community
        © Photo courtesy of the Redlands City Council

        It is a fantastic feeling of being able to give back and contribute, especially to an organisation that has helped myself and many other women in our area. For more information on the programs and the difference RCW is making (and to check out the new logo!) visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RedlandsCentreForWomen/

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