Happy Festive Season!

Happy Festive Season!

Wow, 2019 went so fast! I can't believe tomorrow will be Christmas, well, my waistline knows it is as I have already found my Christmas 2kg but holey moley, 2019 is nearly over!

First up I do want to wish everyone a wonderful festive season and hope you can all spend some quality time with your loved ones.

And to those who are affected by the bush fires, whether you are in the line of the fire, affected by the smoke or fighting the fires, we give you all our strength to get through this trying time. ❤️ Let us all hope when we look up, we see rain falling to ease the burden of fire and drought that is besieging our beautiful country 🤞🏻

Seasons Greeting from Tina Dinte

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank those whom have supported me throughout the year.

  • Biggest numero uno is the husband! He puts up with my craziness and helps hanging my artworks and anything else I need.
  • My mum and sister for their endless chats and support.
  • My wonderful friends for their unconditional friendship and kindness.
  • My fellow artist for their opinions, motivation and ideas.
  • My mentors Barbara, Margo and Debra who keep me on track.

And my favourite suppliers! They are all amazing and put up with my sometimes tricky requests for last minute items:

I have huge ideas for 2020, including a potential gallery space and a studio extension! Look out for more art and lots of colour over the next 12 months!

Big hugs and kisses to everyone,
Tina, Craig, Patsy and Tully XO

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