I am on TV!

I am on TV!


Great news! Lady Florence looked amazing in the bar area of the Gold Coast Penthouse. She certainly added a WOW factor in the room and you couldn't miss her. Thank you so much to contestants Laith and George for purchasing one of my original artworks for their renovation.

(Below photos were taken from the House Rules TV program)

Tina Dinte Artwork as seen on House Rules 2020

Tina Dinte Artwork as seen on House Rules 2020

Tina Dinte Artwork as seen on House Rules 2020


Well, not me so much, but one of my artworks is!

Several months ago, I was sitting in the car after grocery shopping and I got a phone call from Freddy at Bluethumb... one of the contestants from House Rules wanted to buy my artwork for the show!

I, of course, acted cool, calm and collected whilst discussing the sale but on the inside I was screaming "HELL YEAH!". Having a piece of art on a TV show is such a huge honor for any artist.

The catch - the artwork was being picked up in 2 hours! What the! Do you know how long it takes me to professionally package artwork – alllll day sometimes.

I packed that baby with so much cardboard it would survive a nuclear bomb. Even hubby had to get on the end of the tape dispenser (and I won't lie, there were "F" bombs floating all over the place).

Sure enough, less then two hours later the courier turned up... oh, he did take out part of our gate in the process (can't say I will be recommending that guy to anyone, that's for sure).

My face fell when he told me it was going to the Gold Coast – I just assumed it was going interstate hence the rush... Soooooo disappointed I didn't know this as my artwork would have had a full military honours delivery. There would have been a full gun salute and even cancan girls dancing – hey this is TV, I would have pulled out all the stops!

Anyway, enough rambling, the courier took flight with his front bumper hanging off (remember the gate incident) and 'Lady Florence Flamingo' was on her way to contestant 'George' on the Gold Coast.

Lady Florence Flamingo

Even though George brought the artwork for the show, I had absolutely no idea if they actually used the piece. Their contact details have more security then Colonel Sanders KFC chicken recipe.

So I waited. And waited. And waited some more until a lovely friend said they saw it on a TV promo. Watch the video below: skip to around 0:50sec to see Florence!

Huge Yay! Big celebrations in the Dinte household! Peppermint Magnums for everyone (or perhaps a 4 pack just for me). They used the artwork and it's on TV - whoop whoop.

So please watch House Rules High Stakes starting Monday April 6th.

Lady Florence Flamingo is having her debut in the first renovation of the show. The Penthouse on the Gold Coast! And she was brought by the hunky contestants Laith and George.

Now for a disclaimer, if the judges comment on Florence and think she is horrible and the room a disaster, I will delete this blog post and social media mentions of my connection to House Rules and we will never speak of it again 😂 hee hee (all jokes aside, I am crapping my pants hoping they love it).

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