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I don’t use brushes to paint with...

When people see my artwork they always ask – "How do you do it?"

Well, for one thing, I don't use paint brushes. My technique is all about ‘drawing’ with the paint.

I find the process of mixing colours, getting the right paint consistency and selecting the perfect brush (and cleaning the brush 😩) frustrating. So after MUCH experimentation, I now ‘draw’ with paint onto the surface with squeeze bottles.

Drawing with paint!

Each set of bottles has different paint consistencies — thick / normal / thin. The metal nibs enable me to do all the fine detail, just like I would do with a sharpened pencil when finessing drawing.

I find I can produce paintings with wonderful textures and depth using areas of solid colour, different line thicknesses, stippling and blending of paint.  

Drawing has also been something I have done since I was a child. I used to cover my school books with elaborate colourful patterns and sketch strangers on the train on long trips. And, of course, every representational artwork I create starts with a sketch then moves onto a detailed drawing before being put onto the canvas to paint (or 'draw').

Below are some quick videos to show the technique:

It takes so many colours to finish a painting!



If you love this behind the scenes story, why don't you commission your own piece? I truly believe artwork should inspire storytelling – what will your piece say?

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