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Introducing Styling Mood Boards

Many, many moons ago I tinkered with interior styling and staged many homes for sale. As well as the opportunity to go shopping for decor (OMG yay!) I loved picking items that added a homely warmth into a space though the use of colour, texture and shape.

Example of interior styling by Tina Dinte

Example of a staging project

Whilst you could never call me an interior designer, I had fun! Especially when I decorated with colour. I would pick a few colours from the artwork on the walls and tie in decor pieces throughout the room to these hues. It didn’t have to be much... perhaps take a red from an artwork and use the same red in a pattern on a cushion.

Even though my days of interior staging are behind me (I could never move again with all the crap I have), I still enjoy trolling through homewares websites 😃 And that is a great segway into the purpose of this blog post - to introduce my new 'Styling Mood Boards'.

From the start of 2020, I have started creating styling mood boards for each artwork.

Penny Peony | Original Artwork by Tina Dinte

Penny Peony Original Artwork

I am wanting to offer suggestions as to how you can style to complement the painting, whilst also portraying the 'mood' of the artwork. I've been told that happiness, joy, nostalgia and peacefulness are some of the emotions that my collectors feel when they look upon their new artworks. And, when creating the mood boards, I have tried to keep in mind the 'vibe' of the artwork when choosing the completory decor.

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Let's be honest, some of my artworks just slap you in the face with their bright colours but I can be subtle too. For example, 'Nourishment in the Sea', is full of soothing colours and the mood board reflects this:


Nourishment in the Sea Original Artwork

The concept behind this painting was 'seaweed floating through the water' so I painted the abstract with the idea of the ebb and flow of the plant as it moves in the water. To me, this concept of movement makes me feel serene, so when looking for decor I had this feeling in mind. I purposely chose homewares from an easily accessible source – Temple & Webster so they were things an everyday person could purchase.

I stuck with a lot of soft coloured natural timbers – as Planet Ark said 'Exposure to wood products and interiors could create similar health benefits to those created by spending time in nature'. And added a light coloured linen comfy chair to tie into the white areas of the painting (just need to keep the dogs of that!).

In the artwork, there are fine mauve and purple details which represent the flower-like buds on the seaweed. These colours are truly gorgeous and I couldn't help highlighting them with a beautiful velvet cushion. Just a plain one though, as there is enough detail in the artwork without added more on the couch. Finally, I chose a simple deep turquoise rug as a contrast against the light timber.

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'Exposure to wood products and interiors could create similar health benefits to those created by spending time in nature'.

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Charlene's Floral Blooms Original Artwork

But if a big smack in the moosh is what you want, perhaps you want to add 'Charlene's Floral Blooms' on your wall and add a real impact of colour into your decor.

The products I chose for this mood board are BOLD and LOUD and PROUD but still classy (sometimes hard to do when you are a bogan from Logan from wayback - no offense any Loganites 😂).

A purple armchair picks up the deep purple hues from the base of the artwork that are mixed with metallic coppers. The rug was a perfect choice as it ties into just about every colour in the painting and is also heaps of fun. The round velvet cushion is a nod to the retro style of the vase in the painting - I am pretty sure we had carpet that colour when I was a kid. And the soft aqua ottoman connected with the various aquas in the artwork and softened the rest of my bold choices.

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Whether you like my styling ideas or you think I should quit and go get a day job (hmmmm, I heard The Rock is looking for a masseuse 🤤), I hope they give you a real sense of the 'mood' of the painting and how it can fit into your home.

Check out the latest paintings here to see some more styling ideas!

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