Art Pharmacy Submission

Hello Emilya and Kate,

You found me, thank you for coming! Your time is precious so I have created a page with a short introduction and several photos of my latest artworks.


My name is Tina Dinte and I am an emerging artist based in the bayside suburbs in Brisbane, Queensland.

My passion has always been art and I have been using this passion and creativity for over 10 years as a Graphic Designer, Colour Consultant, Interior Stylist, Renovator and Artist. More recently my focus has been back in the studio which has been an amazing way to reconnect with what I love most.

My technique is all about ‘drawing’ with the paint. I find the process of mixing colours, getting the right paint consistency and selecting the perfect brush frustrating. So after MUCH experimentation, I now ‘draw’ with paint onto the canvas with squeeze bottles. Each set of bottles has different paint consistencies — thick / normal / thin. The metal nibs enable me to do all the fine detail, just like I would do with a sharpened pencil when finessing drawing. I find I can produce paintings with wonderful textures and depth using areas of solid colour, different line thicknesses, stippling and blending of paint. 


I would love the opportunity to be included on the Art Pharmacy site. As a professional, full time artist, I think my style would be a great fit!

Thank you Emilya and Kate,

Tina XO 

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