Currumbin Estuary Commission

Hi Chris,

Please find below an updated photos of the artwork πŸ˜ƒ. There is a big difference from the previous photo - hope you like it!

I have added more complexity and colour in the estuary area of the artwork, plus in other areas of the artwork that needed more depth. As some of the colours were changed from the original artwork, the background flowing colours aren't exact - they are a touch darker. However, I have added heaps of colour from the original artwork over the top.

Throughout the entire painting, all the fine details have been added. Again, other then the colours we changed, all the colours are the same as the original with a few extras added in. There is a lot of integrate shapes and marks throughout the artwork so please take the time to view the pop up images underneath the 'Latest Photo of Artwork'.

PS. These photos are a great representation of the artwork, however it does look much better in real life. I had a problem with glare and shine on the photos.

Latest Photo of Artwork:

Below are close ups of the artwork from top to bottom (Click on each individual image to view larger photo):

More zoomed in close ups:

Previous Photo for reference: